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Benefits of Baby Massage

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Baby massage is a beautiful and intimate experience for both parent and baby. Wild Moon Baby will help you learn a step-by-step routine and explore the physical and emotional benefits that can be achieved though positive touch.

There are so many benefits when introducing massage into your baby’s routine.


Massage can soothe and relieve your baby from common ailments that may cause them to be uncomfortable, including relief from wind, colic, and constipation. Bring relief and ease colds and congestion when massaging the nasal passages and the chest. Massaging baby's mouth and gums can help with teething pains. Using oil will also help if baby has dry skin.


Baby massage has all the elements needed to create and encourage bonding with your baby. It uses eye contact, sound of voice, exchange of smell, touch, and oxytocin (aka the love hormone). It is important to bond with your baby, it will help with their social and emotional development and help build a secure attachment.


Baby massage helps both parent and baby relax and reduce stress. When you massage your baby, you will both produce a hormone called oxytocin, (aka the love hormone). Massage promotes the ability to self-calm and induce better sleep (deeper and longer), reduce tension, restlessness, irritability and regulate behavior.

Stimulation & development

By stimulating our baby with massage, we are helping baby make connections so their brain and body can communicate better, and baby's movement is more coordinated. Baby massage boosts blood circulation, this increases the nutrients being delivered to all the systems in the body to help strengthen them and help get rid of toxins and waste products.

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