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Frequently Asked Questions

Get Informed

What do I need?

  • Equipment will be provided including oils, mats, cushions and sensory toys. If you are attending a 4 week course or private group baby massage session, you will be asked to bring your own towel/ large muslin to place on top of the mat for baby.

  • Massage may make your baby  feel hungry or help them fill their nappy, we recommend bringing their changing bag in case they need a feed or need to be changed. 

  • We recommend your baby wears something easily taken on and off. 

  • For yourself, wear whatever you would like, as long as your are comfortable, we will be sat on the floor during the sessions.  

What oil do we use?

Cold Pressed Organic Sunflower Oil

This is a vegetable based oil and is 100% natural, this means it is NOT harmful if ingested by your baby, but is best to avoid contact with eyes and mouth. 

We will provide a bottle of Tiddley Pom cold pressed organic massage oil for sessions booked with us. If you would like to check out any of their products, please follow the link below 

What if my baby becomes unsettled or doesn't want a massage?

All sessions are baby led, we will regularly check in with baby to make sure they are feeling happy and relaxed. If your baby becomes unsettled or needs a feed, nappy change or even just a cuddle, please don't worry! You can respond to their signals and cues and join back in when you are both ready.

All strokes will be repeated the following weeks. You will also be provided with a massage guide detailing the strokes.  

Refund policy

  • If you are unable to make the course/ session dates that you have booked, we can offer for you to attend another course/ session that has availability, But no refunds will be given once booked. 

  • Refunds/ discounts cannot be given for missed sessions.

  • In the event that a course is cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions, an online course will take place on the same date and time as originally planned.

  • In the event Wild Moon Baby cancels a course outside of COVID-19, a full refund may be given or another session date can be arranged.

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